After reading Coinbase’s fantastic article on their transition to React Native, I was inspired to write up my own experience as a solo developer. Coinbase mentioned that their React Native repo has 113 contributors, which shows that RN can be used by large teams, but it’s also the perfect platform if it’s just you and an app idea.

ethy app
ethy app

Working as the technical co-founder and solo developer, I released ethy to UK app stores 2 months ago and have released several updates since. I’d like to offer a different perspective to Coinbase to show that highly performant cross-platform apps are achievable…

When my co-founder and I started ethy, we barely knew each other. He cold-emailed me with his awesome idea after finding my old-old email address using some LinkedIn crawler. To this day, we have only met in person once due to the pandemic, but 6 months after we met, we successfully launched ethy on both app stores, making it easier to shop with sustainable businesses in the UK. One thing that has gone particularly well is how we have organised our communications and documentation, so I thought it might be helpful for other bootstrappers to document that here.

When we…

This tutorial was originally posted on React Native Club, which has much better support for code highlighting!

Tailwind is a very popular CSS framework on the web, mainly due to how easy it is to use and how good it looks. As it’s just a CSS framework, with no React Components to deal with, that means it is portable enough to easily use most of it on React Native.

Fortunately, Vadim Demedes has created a really nice utility called tailwind-rn, which lets you use Tailwind in your React Native projects. It’s really well thought out as it lets you fully…

I’m writing this as I am part-way through my 4th React / React Native app which uses Apollo Client, and I’ve just noticed how much time I have saved by configuring GraphQL-Codegen correctly. By the end of this article, you should hopefully know how to generate TypeScript types and enums for your GraphQL types and type-safe React hooks for your queries and mutations. This will lead to a consistent and reliable way of working with data throughout your app.

GraphQL-Codegen Setup

I am going to assume that you have a GraphQL backend already setup and running. In my latest project I’m thoroughly…

Jack Gardner

Full Stack TypeScript Developer | Specialising in React Native & GraphQL | Co-founder @

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